“Ken Aronson and Leigh Golden know the opportunities the airport offers our youth - a place to learn, innovate and become inspired. I’m proof.”


Please vote for Ken and Leigh as they have spent thousands of hours over many years volunteering at the airport. Ken created and directed the Mission to Mars Space Camp and ran it for 10 years at the Airport, selling out each  year. Parents have asked for it year-round, but space is needed to offer kids this opportunity. That is why Ken and Leigh support the building of the Community Airport Hangar – An education center!” They care about our youth, our community and our airport as an Airport for All.”


- Blake Sortor, 23 year-old corporate pilot raised in Truckee and inspired at the Truckee Tahoe Airport.

I'm proud to endorse Ken Aronson and Leigh Golden for the seats on the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board. They are the best choice because not only are they very qualified, but they understand how important STEM programs are in our community. As a parent of two elementary school children, a Ph.D. scientist, and the executive director of Headwaters Science Institute, I know how paramount having STEM opportunities for students in our community is. We need this generation of students to be prepared for the ever-changing workforce continually that needs more people in math, technology, engineering, and science. We also need to prepare students to be citizens that understand the importance of critical thinking and scientific knowledge. I count on the Airport to make hands-on STEM opportunities available in the Truckee/Tahoe area.

-Meg Seifert, PhD

“I’ve known both Ken and Leigh for a LONG time! Ken and Leigh have my vote because they are talented pilots who know how to improve and mitigate aircraft noise at the Airport. They are true leaders in the community and understand the inner fine points of working with the FAA and the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding which helps to keep the airport safe. Please vote for Ken and Leigh. They’re highly qualified!”

-Tim LoDolce – Founding member and President of the EAA Chapter 1073 Truckee, now in its 22nd year. Executive Director of Truckee Tahoe Airshow & Family Festival , 35+ year resident

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the highly qualified team of Ken Aronson and Leigh Golden for seats on the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board. They have the passion experience, and determination to make something good become extraordinary!


I myself was a student at the Truckee Tahoe Airport where I did my flight training and earned my pilot’s license, and I saw during that time what a wonderful passionate airport community we have in Truckee Tahoe and how it benefits people of all ages in particular our youth.


Ken and Leigh know the importance to have STEM-related programs at the Airport. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as these fields are vitally important to today’s young people starting with preschool through high school. It is at the airport that our children can make the connection in hands on opportunities with the values of STEM.


Ken Aronson and his wife, Rolann (volunteers) created, directed, and offered for years the “Mission to Mars” summer space camp working with the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park. This camp takes place at the airport during the summer, but it could expand to a year-round offering at the airport with Ken and Leigh on the board. Programs like this one with a hands-on science curriculum capture the imagination and curiosity of the children while learning about STEM.


The Truckee Tahoe Airport community truly is a treasure. The Young Eagles program, sponsored by our local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), is another amazing opportunity for our airport district community. Since 1999, a total of 5,199 children ages 8 to 17 have taken their first ride in a small plane! Over 100 of the children have been escorted to Ken Aronson’s VansRV 9-A and seated in the right seat. Ken then explains that he built his own plane.

What did Ken need to know before building his plane?

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


And, Leigh had to learn STEM in order to fly an air ambulance for 10 years with over a 97% patient survival rate. In addition, Leigh has been on the Airport Community Advisory Team (ACAT) for 8 years, is instrument flight trained. He’ll bring this knowledge to his board position to keep our community and pilots safe, and to offer professional insight for aircraft noise mitigation. Thousands of parents on the ground have watched the wheels lift off the runway and can only imagine the thrill that his/her child can be feeling in that moment. For many children this has been a life changing experience.


Someday, you may be sitting in a Southwest airplane and you will be introduced to your woman captain……the one who did some of her training……you guessed it…..at our own Truckee Tahoe Airport!


We need Ken Aronson and Leigh Golden’s focus, dedication to our children and experience to make the Truckee Tahoe Airport the best that it can be.


- Vincent Bruno - Twenty-five year resident of the west shore in Lake Tahoe and retired eight grade teacher of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District teaching at Sierra Mountain and Alder Creek Middle Schools.

In the upcoming election, I would like to ask your support to vote for Ken Aronson, who is running for a position on the Truckee Tahoe Airport board of directors. Not only is Ken my friend, he is eminently qualified to be on the board.

Ken is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Truckee Chapter 1073, a Civil Air Patrol mission pilot and former squadron commander of the Tahoe-Truckee Composite Squadron, which has a very active youth cadet program. Ken has also developed and has instructed the airport’s Mission to Mars Space Camp each summer at the airport for our local youth for many years. It is so popular, his three one-week classes are all full the first day of registration. Ken is also a pilot who built his own airplane in his garage in Glenshire and has given over 100 local youths free rides in his aircraft for the EAA-sponsored Young Eagles program.

Ken is an active role model for our community’s youth, promoting STEM and aerospace education. He will represent both our community and the pilots’ interests in the operation of the airport. Ken believes that the Tahoe Truckee Airport can be a tremendous asset to educate and inspire our local youth in engineering and aerodynamics, while at the same time he will use new technology and common sense to mitigate aircraft noise.

You can’t go wrong by casting a vote for Ken Aronson.

- Pat McDonough, Truckee  - Founder of the Truckee Humane Society, Secretary for the EAA, Truckee Chapter 1073, Civil Air Patrol Commander

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