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Both Ken and Leigh want to inform the community about the great things that occur at the airport. 


Here are a few examples: Community Airport Hangar, Fire Emergency Services, and ADS-B. 

Have you heard of the possibility of a Community Airport Hangar at the airport that could be open year-round for youth space camps, STEM-related programs, art exhibits, high school band practice (when it’s snowing!), non-profit fundraising events and so much more?

In 2014, a study document was finalized about the Community Airport Hangar, and it included a non-scientific “poll” noting 70% of people polled responded in favor of the hangar, but it was never built. The majority of those people liked the idea of the hangar being built for multi-use. Ken and Leigh support revisiting the Community Airport Hangar study for many reasons. 

Offers a year-round facility for youth/collegiate programs and sporting activities.

Gives community organizations and agencies a large space to host events and gatherings.

Provides a space for artists of all kinds- performing, makers, painters. 

The Community Airport Hangar study can be found on the Truckee Tahoe Airport website, but please note, it takes a few minutes to download.​

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​Our airport offers space to Fire Fighting Emergency Response Teams during the summer. For example, during the summer months the Croman helicopter  is stationed at the airport and drops fire retardant on blazing wildfires keeping our community and neighboring communities safe from the threat of forest fires. In addition, as noted on the Truckee Tahoe Airport website, “Care Flight has a full time, 24-hour facility for emergency medical response and transport located on site. Care Flight can reach most locations within the Town of Truckee in less than a minute and other more remote areas of Placer and Nevada County in less than ten minutes.” Click here to learn more.

In June 2019, the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board of Directors voted to install two Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) ground stations. In the September 2020 issue of AOPA Pilot Magazine, Mike Collins writes about how ADS-B technology saves lives. This technology is complex however Leigh would be willing and definitely able to answer your questions about it. Click here to email him.


Ken and Leigh support giving back to the community at large nurturing existing partnerships and creating new ones.

Click here to see how the airport has been giving back.

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